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BioRx Cover

Biology Rocks!

Biology Rocks! is a teacher's guide to implementing inquiry lab experiences in a life science classroom. Student materials, teacher's notes, and pacing guidance are all available in one complete package.


CK12 Textbook

Biology Rocks: General Biology

Working through the CK-12 foundation, Biology Rocks is bringing you a textbook paired to the Biology Rocks! curriculum. A concrete resource for students that trims out all the extra material to focus on primary content goals with enrichment from only the most important secondary topics.


CK12 Textbook

Biology Rocks: Supplemental Material

Structured materials from a classroom using the Biology Rocks curriculum have been compiled as an example for new users. These materials have been compiled straight from materials used in an active classroom.



Dynamic Content & Media

We support a community of collaborators that contribute to a living body of resources. YouTube walkthroughs, POGIL activities in active development and other media that are undergoing constant refinement are available to the community for both consumption and contribution.


Labs for the Next Generation

Professional Development Events

Anyone who has participated in a conference session with us can find information on the distributed materials here. In fact, even if you couldn't make it to our session you are welcome to the resources we have shared.