"Scientific knowledge is in perpetual evolution; it finds itself changed from one day to the next." Jean Piaget

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YouTube Channel

YouTube videos for everything from lab setup for students, lab prep for teachers, screencasts for both, and more always in development. Don't see what you need? Put in a request in the comments!


POGIL Activities

Process-Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning (POGIL) activities are great tools for helping students engage with difficult and abstract concepts. They are especially effective when learning to analyze models. Getting a great POGIL requires lots of revision and lots of student interaction. As the POGILs below are used in the classroom, the activites are refined and the version numbers are updated.

Molecular Modeling POGIL - v2.1

Photosynthesis POGIL - v1.4

Photosynthesis POGIL - color model

Cellular Respiration POGIL - v1.4

Translation POGIL - v1.5


New Content Coming Soon!

Dr. Ratcliffe at Georgia Tech University has done some great work with yeast clustering that has incredible applications in secondary classrooms. Check out his work on his website and read the original research publication. Also look for applications of the work coming soon.

Mutant Hunt BLAST Search

Download the saved search in the NCBI BLAST system to see the effect of various mutations on the lacz gene in E. coli. Right click to save (Will not open)

The FASTA DNA sequence of the lactose gene can be viewed here.