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Biology Rocks! Ed 2 (2014)

The second edition of Biology Rocks! has new labs, additional support, and full NGSS alignment to make implementation of inquiry-based curriculum easier than ever. Edition 2 is also going digital, so download a copy now and get started making science more engaging and more fun!

BioRx Ed1


Biology Rocks! Ed 1 (2011)

The first edition of Biology Rocks! provides all the information and support required for any teacher to increase the lab content in their life science classroom immediately. Teacher walkthroughs, common student challenges, material suggestions and accomodations, and more are available for experiments to fill a year's curriculum.

BioRx Ed1

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Biology Rocks! Ed1

Check out some sample sections:

Unit 1 - Scientific Method

Unit 2 - "Roll Tide" - Nitrogen Cycling Lab