"Perseverance is the hard work you do after you get tired of doing the hard work you already did." Newt Gingrich


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Student 3Biology Rocks began in the summer of 2009. Shannon Ralph and Michael Ralph built a new Biology curriculum from the ground up based on one goal: use as many inquiry-based active learning lessons as possible in a single course calendar.



Studnets 4The pilot of a new curriculum ensued in the fall of 2009. The new course included over 80% of all teaching days engaging in some step of an active inquiry lab or activity. Testing data was collected from a pilot teacher, and students were equally or more successful in the inquiry classroom!


Student5In 2011, the materials used in the redesign were combined in a format that could be shared with the world. Biology Rocks! provided all the labs used in the 2009 program (and more) with teacher's notes, pacing guides, and student handouts to support replication of those experiences in classrooms around the country.


Student6Since the publication of Biology Rocks! we have been presenting at major professional conferences, working with school districts, and developing additional content to further support teachers interested in using more inquiry in their classroom. Look below to see some of the stops we've made along the way.


Places you may have seen us:

KATS Kamp (Junction City) - April 2010
Noyce National Conference (Washington DC) - July 2010
NSTA Regional Conference (Kansas City) - October 2010
NABT National Conference (Minneapolis) - November 2010
Noyce Regional Conference (Indianapolis) - April 2011
NABT National Conference (Anaheim) - October 2011
NSTA National Conference (Indianapolis) - March 2012
UTeach Annual Conference (Austin) - May 2012
KABT Annual Conference (Lawrence) - September 2012
NABT National Conference (Dallas) - November 2012
KABT Annual Conference (Konza Prairie) – September 2013
NSTA National Conference (Boston) – March 2014
KEEN Teaching Conference (Hutchinson) - June 2015

Conference Resources can be found here